I suggest you plunge into the world of art and paint your favorite landscape yourself: the mountains that you admire, the forest in which you relax, the river on which you like to spend your free time or the house in which you grew up ...


Painting with OIL PAINTS on canvas is an opportunity to feel like a real artist 

* You will paint a beautiful landscape using brushes, paints and a pallette knife

* Plunge headlong into the world of painting, bright colors and tonal transitions 

* Learn to mix paints on a palette to get the right shade for your landscape

* Feel the strength to capture a wonderful moment

* A picture on canvas with oil paints will be remembered for you


+ duration 4 hours

+ canvas on stretcher, format 30*40 sm.

+ oil paints

+ a landscape to choose from nature



Fine Pen Calligraphy Workshop 

CALLIGRAPHY - translated from Greek "beautiful handwriting". Modern calligraphy is quite diverse - from everyday handwritten inscriptions on postcards and business cards tohigh art.

* Familiarity with fine pen and paper

* Russian modern calligraphy, alphabet

* Lowercase and numbers

* Ancient symbols and numbers

* Vignettes, paintings, simple curles

* Colored ink on colored paper



+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format

+ fine nib, ink

+ name, invitations, congratulations



Master class «Sketch in a cafe»

SKETCH is a bright, live way of sketching the environment in a cafe: fruits, desserts, dishes and snacks.


* Choice of object and for the sketch

* Various techniques of execution

* Choice of sketching style and additional elements

* Interesting additional materials in the work on sketches


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format

+ watercolor, liners

+ dessert and coffee



Master class «Roerich`s Mountains»

Bright and beautiful, pleasant to the touch "velvet" pastel will not leave anyone indifferent! The paintings made by her have a beautiful textured surface that is pleasing to the eye. Roerich paintings attract the eye with harmonious compositions, rich flowers and beautiful snowy peaks of majestic mountains.


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format

+ pastel on paper

+ reproduction of your choice



Master class «Watercolor sketching in travel»

SKETCHING is a bright, lively way of sketching the world around: fruits, desserts, flowers, inspirational little things, a cup of morning coffee, a landscape outside the window.


* Fun and dynamic sketches in a fun watercolor painting process

* Design options for your own sketchbook: layout

* Choosing your style of journaling

* Various techniques of execution

* Interesting additional materials in the work on sketches


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format

+ watercolor, liners

+ spread in the sketchbook "Baikal": path, flora, landscapes, food


Master class «Zentangl»

ZENTANGLE is a recent and patented technique for painting in black on white (or white on black) with certain rules and restrictions. 


* Introduction to doodling, noodling and zentangle

* Rules, benefits, results

* Zendoodling, Zenart and Zendala

* Application in practice of the "zentangle" style 


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format

+ paper, liners

+ your zentangles



Master class Botanical sketch Flowers and Plants 

Sketch is a bright, lively and fast way of sketching botany elements: flowers, fruits, plants (entirely with roots), vegetables, fruits.


* You will learn how to  choose the right elements for sketching

* Make sketches step by step

* We will analyze the basic techniques and technicues of watercolor painting for botanical sketches

* Finishing touches, details, artifacts


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format 

+ watercolor, waterbrush

+ watercolor painting


Watercolor plain air «Nature»

PLEINAIR - (French plein air - open air), painting created in nature, in the open air.


* You will learn how to make valers of the desired color

* Let`s analyze the basic techniques and techniques of watercolor painting

* How to choose the right and effective angle for your painting

* Finishing touches, details, artifacts


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format 

+ watercolor, waterbrush

+ sketches



Master class «Architecture Urban Sketch»

SKETCH is a bright, lively way of sketching an urban landscape: architecture and its details.


* Search for an angle and the convenience of the drawing

* The season in sketches

* Various techniques and techniques of execution

* Interesting additional materials in the work in sketches


+ duration 2 hours

+ A4 format 

+ watercolor

+ liners



All questions about the master classes can be asked through the "CONTACTS" section. 

The possibility of organizing group workshops for schools, studios and leisure activities for employees is discussed privately. 

Departures to other cities and regions are possible.